About Me

I graduated from Virginia Military Institute with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Most of the time you can find me coding in React, JavaScript & Next.js but I am always open to learning new languages. When developing I like to ensure that my code is clean, accessible as well as performant.

I joined American Express in October 2018 as a Lead UI Engineer for the Customer 360 team which falls under the Global Risk Technologies umbrella in their Sunrise, FL campus. During my time on the team, I led a team of six UI engineers in an effort to migrate the existing application written in Angular 1 over to a React.js framework created by American Express called One App. We released the revamped application at the beginning of August 2019 to over 1,200 Customer Care Professionals.

After a year of being on the consuming end of One App, I decided to move to the team that created it. In October 2019, I moved to the One Amex team in their Tempe, AZ office. When I first joined their team I was in charge of onboarding all new teams within American Express to our framework. This included provisioning their environments as well as walking teams the ins and outs of our framework. Since then I have transitioned to being an integral part of the team and have helped open source twenty-seven libraries on GitHub in the past year.

When I am not working, you can often find me hiking the deserts of Arizona with my two dogs Xena and Nola, or brushing up on my photography skills.